[xps 9360/OC 0.6.5/Big Sur 11.1] webcam only works once after each sleep cycle

Hi there, I'm facing a problem others have too: My webcam only works once after each sleep cycle. As in it works a first time after waking up, if I turn off the app that relies on it, the webcam won't start again, only a black screen until my computer go to sleep. After waking up it's working again.

My computer is a XPS9360 with OC 0.6.5 on Big Sur 11.1

See: - https://github.com/fredldotme/Dell-XPS13-9343-Hackintosh - https://github.com/theQuert/XPS-9360-macOS/issues/53 - https://github.com/theQuert/XPS-9360-macOS/issues/64

I don't use any kext (no UVC2FacetimeHD, no FacetimeHD). Tried both with no success (either same result or no webcam recognised)

The VID/PID of my camera are: 3141/26380

When I was running Mojave/Clover I had no issues at all, using FaceTimeHD

Any idea ? Would adding the vid/pid on the FacetimeHD.kext solve the issue ? If so, how/where in Info.plist ?


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