Big Sur Vanilla, HD Graphics 630 HELP

So i want to use my iGPU in Big Sur. I tried both bootloaders clover and opencore but still nothing. I'd like to use it with 2 monitors. GPU->DVI-D->VGA->Monitor, GPU->HDMI->Monitor (like that)

I configurated everything to the iGPU but if i boot into the OS in verbose mode my boot stuck here: "IOConsoleUsers: time(0) 0->0, lln 0, llk 1". This is after the early boot process.

If i take out the video card and connect both monitors to the motherboard i boot successfully but i've got some bad things. Like all colors are not accurate red is blue, green is yellow etc. Lot of graphics bug. In the About Mac it seems the HD Graphics 630 is active but i think not.

CPU: Intel i7-7700k
GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX 1060 OC 3GB (I dont wanna use this)
iGPU: HD Graphics 630 1,5GB VRAM (I want to use this video card on Big Sur)
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z270-HD3P
Audio Codec: Realtek ALC887
Bootloader: OpenCore

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