Screen doesn't wake with rest of system, OC 0.6.5. Thoughts?

I'm on OC 0.6.5 w/ 11.1. My system sleeps fine and wakes but the last piece of the puzzle for me is trying to figure out why my screen won't wake up with the rest of the system. It requires a second space bar tap or mouse click before my screen will wake up. I never had this issue with Clover.

Using method 1, I followed Dortania's guide for keyboard wake issues here: I've tried method 1 twice now and it still isn't working properly.

I'm wondering if it has to do with my port mapping which I did using USBMap from CorpNewt. The thing that I'm curious about, and it may be the cause of my issue: I'm on a Z390 board but using iMacPro 1,1. With the Z390, Big Sur, and a Coffee Lake CPU I don't need the XHCI-unsupported.kext. It also seems like with just those three factors, I don't need to do any renames prior to mapping as outlined in the system preparation guide for USB mapping here:

But I'm using iMacPro 1,1 as my SMBIOS, which came out on Skylake architecture. So I guess I do need to rename XHC1 prior to mapping? I didn't do this when I did my map. Could that be the issue?

Thanks for any advice you can give!!

Pertinent Specs:

CPU: i5-8600k

GPU: Sapphire Pulse RX 580 with a DP connection. iGPU is disabled in BIOS. Running solely off of my dGPU.

SMBIOS: iMacPro 1,1. Using CPUFriend.kext so the power is managed correctly for my i5-8600k.


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