[Help] How to daul boot OSX & Linux wiht Legacy mode on same drive

Now I have installed OSX El Capitan & Linux mint on Legacy bios.

I can't dual boot.but previously I installed windows 7 or 10.

I am able to dual boot with OSX and I am also testing install windows 7 & Linux mint.It can dual boot as well

but I can't daul boot.To install OSX & Linux mint, can someone help me? What do i have to do.All this I installed under single ssd 128GB

If I boot osx I can't boot linux because it doesn't show an linux icon on Clover.And if I can boot linux, I won't be able to boot osx either.

When restarting it, it will cycle into only Linux.

My PC Spec


CPU : Intel Pentium E6600 3.06ghz

LGA 775 package

Core™ 2 Duo

Ram DDR2 6GB

Graphics : Nvidia GT710


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