Mojave on i5-10400 Opencore


When I've installed Catalina on my 10400 Hackintosh it generally worked, but on many websites Safari goes to infinite loop of redirecting and eventually shows me error. As far as I googled it, that error fixes only with a discrete videocard, which I don't have.

On Big Sur beta everything works ok, no redirecting.

But in my 2013 MBP I have Mojave and I like it much more. Unfortunately, there is no support of Intel's 10th gen CPUs in Mojave. So it just shows error on install.

AFAIK there is a way to fake the cpu model to make the system think that I have the 9th gen CPU which is supported. But I've failed to find the answer.

Maybe anyone knows how to fix that redirect in Catalina or fake cpu for Mojave install?

Thanks and have a nice day!

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