appleALC vs voodooHDA kext

appleALC vs voodooHDA kext


Since my first tries on building a hackintosh, I always struggled with HDMI audio on my GB rx5500 xt.

I finally got it working using my first DP with DP to HDMI cable.

So thats maybe a first tip for other users.

But then I took a look at the updated voodooHDA.kext on sourceforge. I was surprised to find it is still supported because when searching on google you will find a lot of old mostly clover articles.

So I disabled the applealc.kext from opencore and enabled this one. Now I have working sound on my HDMI port and headphone jack.

The most important for me is that there is sound on my HDMI port. Because my setup is connected to a Yamaha receiver and a samsung TV. My amp and TV got confused when connecting the DP to HDMI cable resulting in loosing HDMI output on my TV especially after a reboot... I have no idea why. I am using the ARC channel on my TV.

Also the volume from HDMI is louder with voodooHDA.kext.

So this is just writing down my experience for other people struggling with this.

My config is BigSur 11.1 opencore 0.65 on AMD 5700XT 32GB 2400Mhz memory on AOURUS pro WIFI ITX board.

I am also succesfully using AMDRyzenCPUpowermanagement to control my fan speed and maybe the icing on the cake WIFI is also working with itwlm.kext on the apple unsupported intel WIFI card, but i have currently no need for it because i use an ethernet cable. My smbios is MacPro7,1.

Here are some relevant screenshots.

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