Opencore - How can I disable auto-reboot on kernel panic? Can't read the error message. (Can't boot after successfull BigSur fresh install)

Have difficulties on booting my fresh Big Sur installation. The installation works fine, but somehow I'm always restarting everytime I'm booting the BigSur. The error is too fast and I can't read anything before it's restarting. I remember we have a boot args for that in clover?

My specs:

  • Ivy Bridge i7-3770
  • RX 460 Sapphire
  • Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 Rev 2.2

What have I done:

  • My EFI work perfectly fine in Catalina
  • OpenCore 0.62 and all kexts are the latest
  • Already ACPI patched for EC and CPU
  • All green on
  • Changed the SMBios to MacPro6,1 for BigSur
  • Added vsmcgen=1 boot-args for BigSur

Any idea? Thanks a lot!

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