1st build... looking for pcpartpicker advice.. see link in description

A very kind redditor helped me put this together.. just wanted to get some hive mind thoughts on it and see what you guys would do different but still remain in the budget more or less.. i just heard some conflicting things and figured i'd reach out to you guys.

main purpose is for photo editing (adobe)... i'd like to play minecraft on it as well tho.

i'm using the SG-13 to start out with but would like to upgrade to the ncase m1 eventually so i wanted the parts to fit in both cases.. here's the list and if you have time tell me what you think? someone was telling me the video card is wack and will cause kernel panics and another guy told me there's not enough cooling in this rig and i'll need 2-3 more fans? i dunno what to make of it i haven't built a PC in 17 years almost. Thanks for your time!


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