HP Pavilion hackintosh

HP Pavilion hackintosh

So this is my first time posting and my first computer i've messed with to run macOS. I'd like to see if this forum can help me out. Sorry if it's a long post to read.

I have a HP Pavilion that i'm trying to get running with macOS. I'm trying to create a bootable ssd drive, but get stuck. I have a WD 2tb ssd i just purchased today for this. I downloaded macOS Catalina and also Mojave from hackintoshzone.com and followed their guidelines for installing.

So far i've used transmac to format the ssd for mac and uploaded the disk image downloaded from hackintoshzone. I've fixed my bios to allow me to boot from the ssd. When i boot up and click install macos catalina, it goes through a process and then just stops and i have to reboot again to either try again or boot up with windows. In the image is where it is failing.


I've looked into my ssd formatting and partition formats. I've adjusted the bios around. can it be more configurations in the download or is the website i downloaded the OS from even work.

Any help will be appreciated.

Laptop specs.

HP Pavilion x360

I5-8265u cpu

8gb ram

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