Best macOS for MacBook Air 2011? (11 inch)

Hello, got an old MacBook Air 2011, it works pretty well in Catalina, but there is no safari updates(i am on 10.15.6 because on the 10.15.7 there is a glitch with hidden wifi network) so i thought which OS in total is the best for old MacBook Air just like this one? I am using it for browsing and writing some text you know, education. I like how it goes in Catalina just wanna get the latest Safari on it, but it don't updates. It says its up to date, however safari is old. I tried google chrome, but personally i don't like mac version of chrome, and i would like to use safari. Overall, my question is which OS is best for my MBA? It have an i5 and HD 3000, 4 gb of RAM, and SSD. I would like to switch to the latest Catalina for new Safari, or switch to the latest Mojave, because some people say its faster. I tried High Sierra, but it's too old. I think i already wrote too much, thanks for reading and answering!

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