Guide: Installing macOS on Thinkpad x280 using OpenCore

  1. Introduction

    • Brief introduction to Hackintosh and the Thinkpad x280.
    • Overview of the hardware specifications.
  2. Preparation

    • Downloading necessary files from the GitHub repository provided.
    • Creating a bootable macOS installer using a USB drive.
  3. BIOS Settings

    • Configuring BIOS settings for compatibility with macOS installation.
  4. OpenCore Configuration

    • Detailed steps for configuring OpenCore bootloader for Thinkpad x280.
    • Necessary ACPI patches and kexts for hardware compatibility.
  5. Installation Process

    • Step-by-step instructions for booting into the macOS installer.
    • Guidance on partitioning the drive and selecting the correct installation options.
  6. Troubleshooting

    • Addressing common issues during the installation process, such as boot loops.
    • Suggestions for troubleshooting steps to resolve any encountered problems.
  7. Post-Installation Setup

    • Finalizing the installation and setting up macOS on the Thinkpad x280.
    • Installing necessary drivers and kexts for optimal performance.
  8. Testing and Verification

    • Verifying hardware functionality and performance after macOS installation.
  9. Optional: Disk Wiping

    • Recommendations for third-party disk wiping software for a clean installation.
    • Step-by-step guide on using disk wiping software to prepare the drive for macOS installation.
  10. Conclusion

    • Summary of the installation process and key takeaways.
    • Encouragement for further exploration and customization of the Hackintosh setup.
  11. Community Resources

    • Mention of online forums and communities for additional support and troubleshooting.
  12. Feedback and Support

    • Encouragement for users to provide feedback on the guide and seek support for any issues encountered during the installation process.
Thinkpad x280 Opencore Install

Hi. This is my first hackintosh attempt with an old business laptop the x280. I have an I7 8650u with integrated graphics, 8gb ram and 256gb hard drive.

I followed the guide from 0x8008 from I was able to follow everything and now in what feels is a continuous boot loop during the install. As he noted on his GitHub page it will reboot multiple times. I feel like it’s in excess of 10 times. Is this activity normal? Just wondering if I should wipe the drive and start fresh or continue to push through?

Also in regards to a bootable wipe software what is a good recommendation? As a typical windows user I always used the windows 10 installer to wipe and reinstall. I know there’s better out there.

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