Enabling Continuity Features on AMD Hackintosh Laptop with Intel AX200 Wi-Fi Card


Introduction: Congratulations on successfully booting Hackintosh on your ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 (AMD)! While you've encountered Wi-Fi issues with the Realtek chipset, you're considering upgrading to an Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card for better compatibility and performance. In this guide, we'll explore whether the Intel AX200 card supports Continuity features like CarPlay, AirDrop, and more on an AMD-based Hackintosh.

Step 1: Intel AX200 Wi-Fi Card Compatibility Before purchasing the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card, it's essential to confirm its compatibility with your AMD-based Hackintosh. While the AX200 card is primarily designed for Intel-based systems, some users have reported success using it on AMD-based Hackintosh setups. However, compatibility may vary depending on the specific AMD chipset and macOS version.

Step 2: Enabling Continuity Features Once you've installed the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card on your Hackintosh, you'll need to enable Continuity features to ensure compatibility with services like CarPlay and AirDrop. To enable Continuity features on an AMD-based Hackintosh, you'll typically need to use a feature unlock or patching tool.

Step 3: Research and Community Support Before proceeding, conduct thorough research to determine if other AMD Hackintosh users have successfully enabled Continuity features with the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card. Join online forums and communities dedicated to AMD-based Hackintosh setups to seek advice, share experiences, and learn from other users' insights.

Step 4: Patching Tools and Custom Kexts Explore feature unlock tools and custom kernel extensions (kexts) specifically designed for enabling Continuity features on AMD-based Hackintosh systems. These tools and kexts may include patches or modifications to macOS system files to emulate Intel-based functionality on AMD hardware.

Step 5: Testing and Troubleshooting After applying the necessary patches or modifications, test Continuity features such as CarPlay, AirDrop, Handoff, and Universal Clipboard to ensure they function correctly on your AMD-based Hackintosh with the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card. Monitor system stability and performance, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during testing.

Step 6: Community Feedback and Updates Stay engaged with the Hackintosh community to stay informed about any updates, patches, or improvements related to enabling Continuity features on AMD-based Hackintosh systems. Share your experiences and contribute to the community's collective knowledge base.

Conclusion: While enabling Continuity features on an AMD-based Hackintosh with the Intel AX200 Wi-Fi card may require additional steps and customization, it's possible to achieve compatibility with services like CarPlay, AirDrop, and more. By leveraging community resources, research, and patching tools, you can enhance the functionality of your AMD-based Hackintosh setup. Remember to proceed with caution, backup your system, and seek assistance from experienced users if needed.

continuity feature on amd laptop

Hi i new here on hackintosh world😆. So here my question i manage to boot hackintosh on my Thinkpad e14 gen 2 (AMD) and it work very good, but only 1 problem: WIFI, as mine currently use realtek which don't support after some research that intel ax200 seems very good for my laptop but does it work with carplay, airdrop & etc2 by using feature unlock? Because i read it only support intel cpu. Any information would be glad thx in advance

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