Cant install monterey and big sur but catalina its ok

CPU: i9-10850k

GPU: uhd graphics 630

RAM:32gb ddr4 pny

Motherboard/Laptop model: MSI Z490A-PRO

Audio Codec: Realtek® ALC892/ALC897 Codec

Ethernet Card: Realtek® RTL8125B 2.5G LAN

What guide/tool followed: OpenCore Guide

What part I got an issue with: Hi, im installing monterey and bigsur via basesystem img, i have tried with that 2 OS but still not getting a correct instlation, it gaves me this error "An error ocurred loading the update, i have installed catalina and it works ok but when im trying to update to menterey from catalina the error "An error ocurred preparing the software update". I have tried with 2 usb, both in fat32 format, 2 diferrent ssd, i already have the NVMWfix kext, tried changing the usb port, changing the usb stick, using other efi from web, and nothing, sometimes in the update from catalina to Monterey it get stuck in apple logo with "less than a minute" and dont do nothing more jaja

What files/config I am using: here are my efi config, the img of the instalation and a log from the update.

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