Can a computer with dual GPU for Mac and Windows have issues with overheat or performance?

I am going to buy a new computer in the next 4 months and i wanted to try to make a dual boot with Windows 10 or 11 for gaming and Mac OS Big Sur for programming.

One of the options i thought about was to get a Ryzen 5950x, 32gb of ram, 2tb SSD m2 with a 3080ti and a cheaper 200 euros AMD GPU compatible with Big Sur as i don't want to get an AMD card for gaming. (I don't name brands or concrete products on the ram, SSDs, motherboard, etc because i don't know which one i should get or i will get).

The thing is that with hardware i am really noob and i am worried of the possibility of this causing any issues of overheat, performance or any of this nature.

Is there a risk about anything of this? Should i worry?

And do you guys have any recomendations on the rest of components for what i want to do? Like maybe the motherboard or anything else.

Thx in advance! <3 <3 <3

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