Internal screen works on Catalina, but not on Big Sur?

Hello, im writing this because i need help with my build. I have working Catalina Hack with internal screen working and with backlight working. I installed on another partition Big Sur, no changes in config.plist and Kexts, ACPI. (OC 074). And when trying to boot Big Sur internal screen goes black when booting. External screen is working, internal screen is recognized in "This Mac", and in ioregistry (apple backlight display).

Funny thing is - when i disable SSDT-PNLF.aml, my internal screen works again, but it is recognized as external, and backlight control doesnt work.

I tried prebuild SSDT-PLNF, i build my own - the same result. Any help is apprieciated"


  • IGPU intel hd 4600 desktop
  • internal screen is connected via lvds
  • framebuffer is haswell desktop reccomended (from watevergreen guide)
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