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Hello folks,

I just wanted to ask for your opinions on this matter. I am currently a happy owner of an M1 Macbook Air with 16gb of RAM. Before I nought the M1 Macbook Air, I have built a small form factor AMD build, featuring a Ryzen 3700x and 32gb of RAM. I felt really strange in the part of the Open process of generating S/Ns to use. I have also felt that adding a hackintosh build to my icloud account could potentially jeopardize my account. Nonetheless, I got OSX working on itI intend on doing music production with Logic Pro, and I decided to buy the M1 Macbook Air. The ITX system is currently used for gaming and as an unRaid server. I am going in the direction of Proxmox instead of unRaid in the near future. I swapped my 5700xt with a 3060TI very recently due to the GPU’s virtualization potential and better streaming capabilities/VR.

I have noticed a few quirks here and there on the M1 Macbook Air. I have a Sound Blaster G6 USB-based DAC/soundcard, and it stops working randomly. I noticed the DAC got very warm when that happens. I am being drawn to the Intel side, as I would think that an Intel Hackintosh build could potentially avoid any hiccups, and I would have a secondary system with a higher multi-core performance, as well as better cooling potential.

Do you think at this point in time an Intel ITX build with a 10900K and iGPU-only makes sense at this point in time? Would there be DRM issues or any other issues? I was reading the Opencore guide, and if my understanding is correct, I would not need to do anything extra about the 3060ti, as it is not supported.

Thank you all!

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