Help! Intel HD Gfx only 4 MB! Dell 7537, i5 Haswell 4200U, intel 4400, nvidia 750M, olarilla vanilla BigSur. (OpenCore)

Hello community, This is my first time using Reddit! How are you all?

Target: old lap which i want to convert into hakintosh.

What ive done so far: installed olarilla Vanilla Bigsur with opencore. Installed. Successful

Wifi: successful

Bluetooth: successful

Issues: Audio, laptop touchpad and video not working.

So issue is that the gfx is showing as intel hd 4400 but 4 MB, it should be 1536 MB.

Things ive tried. EFI folders from different chipsets from olarila. No go

Tried config.plist file with clover and assigning id 4400 inject ID 0x04128086. No go. Says oc needs vault not available error (yes i did managed to make that error go away by going into security tab and assigning vault as optional, but still system wont boot to mac os.) Also, i tried all of that list for haswell desktop,notebook etc. nothing changes that 4mb of gfx.

Tried manually putting in the device id in Open Core that i obtained by hackintool>patch>selecting appropriate gpu ids……no go

Updating Lilu and whateverGreen in OC…… no go Everytime i change something it doesn’t boot. Stays on verbose with some new thing written every-time. Funny coz earlier I installed that Niresh Mojave on the same system and i surely recall that i have full acceleration 1536mb there. Dont know what im doing wrong. Its been 4 days working with this but cant get this to work. Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks Go ahead build hakintosh!!!

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