Advice need moving from FakeSMC.kext to VirtualSMC, but not in failsafe condition

Hi All,

I have an age-old hack (High Sierra on 7-Gen intel CPU) that boots with FakeSMC.kext (set)

considering FakeSMC.kext(set) has been discontinued for up to 3 years, I'm thinking of moving forward to VirtualSMC,

Advice needed here is, I have tried the same thing 2 years ago since VirtualSMC early versions, but that time it gave me terror by 100% absolute hang on boot, I can only fix it with great pain with rescue partition!

Now if I do the same thing but with the latest version of VirtualSMC, but failed in the worst case, I will be not able to go back, this is my woking hack.

(why? 1. An earlier update killed my rescue partition 2. Timemachine not using anymore and 3. Tried Paragon APFS for Windows, but it force that apfs disk in read-only mode... the same level of rescueability)

Will you recommed me to for it? Is there any other way to gets back if a hard failure is thrown to my face? I hope player who has been there can share your experiences with me, thanks ~!!

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