RX 560 not functioning properly!

hi, it's me again so apparently i got my hackintosh to work successfully with big sur a long time ago but the screen was flickering pretty much and it's irritating to me ( i used a GT730) so i bought a RX 560 but when i inserted it into my motherboard which is ASUS Z97-K the bios said "The VGA card is not supported by UEFI Drivers" and it's automatically enabled CSM in which can't install macOS if enabled. i tried a legacy opencore but it didn't work whatsoever, how can i fix it huhu and my card is HIS RX 560 4GB helpppppp. my specs: Asus Z97-K i5-4570 HIS RX 560 Fenvi BCM94360CM or something 24gb RAM, 2 SSD and 1HDD

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