How do I edit my kexts/efi/etc. so that I can successfully boot into MacOS again, if a crash prevents me from getting into MacOS? (USB will only let me "install MacOS," not boot into it.)

So, after many months, I tried booting into my Hackintosh drive and got an error.

"Error Allocating 0x11c61 at 0x0000000000005582000 alloc type 2" -- etc.

It seems the fix for this is to change an AptioFix .efi ... etc.

However... how do I do this? It's been SO long since I installed MacOS on my Hackintosh drive, but everything had been running fine. It seems my BIOS may have possibly removed my hackintosh EFI? Or at least done something? Because I noticed my BIOS profiles are no longer there.

I can boot into a Clover MacOS Install USB, however... I don't want to install MacOS. It's already there on the drive. With all my files. But how do I access my Clover stuff, or my EFI information, or edit any of the "Aptio" stuff if I can't actually get into MacOS on the boot drive? The only option I seem to be able to do with my USB Drive is "MacOS Install."

I'm having a hard time explaining. Can anyone help me out here? I'm not sure what to do at this point.

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