EFI Write Access from Windows?


First off, I had run into a MSI B550 board issue where the system would restart itself about two minutes in. It was not a hardware issue, nor BIOS. Had done my due diligence and had run into other forums and posts indicating it was a board issue. Got a new ASUS B550 board.

That said, before the whole Motherboard issue happened, I had a dual boot going between macOS BigSur and Windows (both on separate SSDs). However, now with the new board:

- It booted into Windows fine and everything holds up
- When I tried booting into macOS, it would come up with "Your computer restarted because of a problem" error and restart.

Naturally I tried to mount the macOS EFI in Windows, and I was able to with through admin CMD and Explorer++. However, while I can read the drives / structure, I can't add anything as I don't have permission to the EFI drive. My dumb ass tried to replace the file in BOOT, but ended up deleting it off the EFI folder completely, and now I know it definitely won't boot at all into macOS.

I have also tried copy and pasting a file from my Windows desktop into the EFI folder (in Explorer++), however it always indicates that I don't have enough space (even when the file is kilobyes).

Any help here would be super appreciated!

Thank you

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