Catalina won't load after hard reset

I used to have a really solid build all working with catalina until today that I had to do a hard reset. After that opencore boots and after I select my boot disk apple logo will appear and then the bar will freeze at the very beginning. Please help!! I have tons of work to do and can't get my computer to run. I've tried booting up with the flash drive that I used a few months ago to getting up and running and the same thing happens, I've tried running the recovery option and same thing. It doesn't let me run the verbose mode even when I removed the -v from the commands of the boot-args under NVRAM so I'm not sure where is the real problem. If tried cleaning the NVRAM from the opencore option and nothing, and by following the boot process guide it feels like it's not an opencore problem but more like an MacOS problem, the thing is that I can't reinstall it because it won't run form the flash drive. I'll be very grateful if someone can help me!!

My build is: Asus am4 tuf gaming x570-plus wifi Ryzen 3900xt Rx 5700 xt 64 gb RAM xpg s40g 1tb m.2

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