Struggling to get SidecarEnabler working on Hackintosh (13,2/2012 iMac) with AMD card - black screen on iPad Pro - do I need to be USING my iGPU output for it to work?

I have my Hackintosh (Catalina 10.15.6) build set up as a 13,2 iMac ("late 2012"); I can't remember for sure but IIRC that's the latest hardware version I can set it as becuase of my hardware which is:

  • Motherboard : Gigabyte Z77X-D3H
  • CPU : Intel Core I5 3570K
  • GPU : AMD RX580 8GB
  • NIC : Fenvi FV-T919 (Wifi, Bluetooth, Ethernet)

Anyway, I got a new iPad Pro and was keen to get Sidecar working with it, but I found it was only available to newer iMacs (after 2015). I discovered hieplpvip's 'SidecarEnabler' kext which managed to get Sidecar actually showing up on my Hackintosh, but after that it wouldn't connect to my iPad Pro. I tried a bunch of stuff like disabling/enabling Handoff on both my Hackintosh and my iPad, signing out and in of iCloud on both devices as well, and finally the closest I've come to getting it working is by connecting my iPad with a lightning cable, but this gives me a black screen on my iPad with no sign of my desktop.

I've read somewhere that Sidecar flat out does not work with AMD cards (like mine), but I've also read it only works on systems with integrated graphics, but I took that to mean as long as you HAVE iGPU it should work, even if your monitor isn't connected to that card's output. My motherboard has integrated Intel graphics, they're just not in my question is, is my hardware what's preventing Sidecar from working? And if so, what's the best free alternative I should be using instead?

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