Sleep issues (still) on optiplex 9020

Hi,I’m still encountering issues with the sleep mode on my optiplex 9020. When I put the pc into sleep mode it takes like 20 seconds to get into sleep and then wakes up immediately,however when I unplug all the connected usb’s,it goes to sleep with no problems.

I already patched the USB ports with hackintool,tried all the darkmode boot flags,I’ve tried with other configs I found on internet and still nothing,what could I be doing wrong?

Also when I turn off the pc,it “turns on” automatically for like 3 seconds and then turns off,aaaaand the last issue i have is that when I left the pc standing for hours (obviously with the sleep mode turned off),the monitor won’t give signal and I have to restart the computer and it’s kinda annoying,I’m using a dp to hdmi adapter,idk if it has something to do with that.

Im using clover,and i’m on the last version on Catalina

Intel i7 4790

Intel graphics 4600

12 gb ram

Sorry for the broken English and large post hahaha

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