Help please! Music Production Hackintosh with random thunderbolt interface and ilok not showing up at times until I restart.

Hi Everyone!
I built a Hackintosh for my studio and Im a bit of a n00b here. It works great except for a very annoying issue that it does every now and then.

When I boot up I have to immediately play a track from Spotify and see if the Audio interface (that is hooked up via thunderbolt) is working. If it's not, I restart and that usually fixes it. Sometimes the issue is the audio interface and my iLok not showing up simultaneously. A couple restarts later and they both come up like nothing happened. I also have Sonarworks Reference 4 Systemwide that was set to override the Audio interface as main but I've deactivated that and I still have the issue.


mac OSX Catalina (10.15.7)
Motherboard GIGABYTE Z390 Designare
CPU Cooler be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022, 250W TDP
Ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 DDR4 DRAM Memory Kit
Processor Intel core i9-9900K
Graphics: Radeon RX 580 8 GB
Hard drive Samsung 970 EVO SSD 1 tb
Wifi card Fence T919
Bluetooth USB IO Geat Bluetooth 4.0
Power Supply Corsair RM850x
Audio Interface Motu 16A (via thunderbolt)

Built with OpenCore 06.3

Any help is deeply appreciated!

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