Firewire / PCI-E Problems / Big Sur / Open Core 0.6.3

Firewire / PCI-E Problems / Big Sur

Successful BIG SUR - New Installation Open Core 0.6.3

Only two things do not work: Thunderbolt and Firewire PCI-E Cart.

Copy of config.plist Attached and 2 Images.

I will be very grateful for help / Info / opportunities.

Firewire PCI-E Cart - Startech PEX1394B3 (Despite System-Info - See attached images)

Maybe due to lack (ACPI / SSDT?). NB: Worked in CATALINA.

Hardware Info:

New Install: iMac 19.1 - (Open Core 0.6.3)

6-Core Intel i5 - 3.7 GHz...

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Author: MacJust4me