Unable to boot with two M.2 Drive

Hi, so i had just bought a new M.2 NVME drive. When i plug it in. My hackintosh wont boot. It keep restarting at random point. Only if i remove it it will boot.

Its not a slot issue as if i boot to windows, windows recognize the drive normally and will boot.

Tried plugging only the new NVME and it will boot(external recovery) but as soon as i plug two NVME it will reboot(even if i access external recovery)

Tried a sata m.2 and my hackintosh wont boot as well.

Is this a motherboard issue? As i am sure im able to use dual NVME/or dual M.2 Sata before

My config: I7 9700 Asus Prime Z370 Corsair Mp510(Current Boot drive) Kingston A2000(new one) Samsung 860(Windows) RX 580 Oc 0.6.6

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