My First hackintosh

Never created a hackintosh but recently interested in doing so. Not a complete noob here but pretty close. There's alot of information regarding installation of different versions of macos. I was hoping I could get some clarity on a few things.

I want to dualboot Big Sur with windows 10

First off my PC.

MSI M7 gaming Z170a

i7 7700k (supported? I've read conflicting information. Can I use integrated graphics?)

Gtx 1080ti (Getting an Amd rx 570 and disabling gtx gpu)

M.2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2tb (I read there are some issues with this drive but can be overcome)

I understand how to use open core, I think. I need help compiling an efi folder specific to me(i know how to mount the partitions) I'm not sure of which files I need to modify or if any at all. With big sur do I need kext files specific to my hardware?(dumb question probably)

Any answers, corrections, and suggestions are appreciated.

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