I followed the Dortania opencore guide step by step. I created my USB drive on Windows as fat32 using rufus, did the rest for setting up the installer according to the site. I got through the erasing my ssd and formating it as APFS GUID, then clicking on reinstall macOS big sur. Then after it finished installing (I think-ngl I don't know if it actually finished or aborted 99% the way there) this appeared. I saw on an archived post that I should try to use the sanity checker tool again, but this page showed up. I looked into the file, and it says it is empty. When I turned on my desktop again, the same thing showed. What should my next steps be and/or what is the problem? (Sorry for the photo dump)

CPU: i5-9400

Mobo: MSI B365-ProVDH

GPU: iGPU (uhd 630)

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