Asus Prime Z-370-A II OpenCore 0.6.6 Install Tips

I thought I would share what it takes to get the Asus Prime Z-370-A II up and running. The Booter Changes also have helped other Asus 370 motherboard owners.

Bios Settings
Here is a list of what are the correct settings, and where to access them:


  • Fast Boot – Boot Fast Boot
  • Secure Boot – Boot\Secure Boot
  • Serial/COM Port – Advanced\Onboard Devices\Configuration
  • Parallel Port - (none)
  • VT-d (can be enabled if you set DisableIoMapper to YES) – Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration
  • CSM – Boot\CSM (Compatibility Support Module)
  • Thunderbolt(For initial install, as Thunderbolt can cause issues if not setup correctly) – Advanced\Thunderbolt™ Configuration
  • Intel SGX – Advanced\Cpu Configuration
  • Intel Platform Trust – Advanced\PCH-FW Configuration – TPM - Discrete
  • CFG Lock (MSR 0xE2 write protection) – Advanced\CPU Configuration\CPU - Power Management


  • VT-x - Advanced\CPU Configuration – Intel Virtualization Technology
  • Above 4G decoding - Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration
  • Hyper-Threading – not supported on 9700k chipset
  • Execute Disable Bit - Not Available
  • EHCI/XHCI Hand-off – Not Available
  • OS type: Windows 8.1/10 UEFI Mode – Boot\Secure Boot
  • DVMT Pre-Allocated(iGPU Memory): 64MB – Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration\Graphics Configuration
  • SATA Mode: AHCI – Advanced\PCH Storage Configuration

AML's you will need: (You don't need AWAC)


Settings that differ from the guide for this motherboard in Config.plist - Booter - Quirks

  • DevirtualiseMMio - True
  • ProtectUefiServices - False
  • RebuildAppleMemoryMap - False
  • SetupVirtualMap - False

USB Mapping - Do not mark any of the PXSX Ports. When you create the kext It will mention finding an empty controller, just ignore it. The USB-C port and the USB-A port next to it will work fully.
Hope this helps others.

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