Help needed for High Sierra install on Z97 D3H Motherboard (UEFI Weirdness)

Greetings all

My Macbook Pro died and lockdown means there's no repair options so I'm trying to get an old Hackintosh spun back up. It currently has Sierra installed and I'd like to install High Sierra which is the most recent OSX version which supports my GPU which is a Nvidia 1080ti.

I have tried installing using Unibeast but have had issues with the boot menu even seeing the UEFI option on the USB stick I'm using. Other PC's and laptops around the house will see the clover EFI partition without issue but the PC will not, for some reason.

I have been through the BIOS multiple times trying to figure out if there's something I need to change but apart from following the advice on AMI boards on TonyMac installer guides I'm a bit stumped.

The strangest thing is that initially I had success making a USB stick boot to the Clover installer but whilst troubleshooting past the initial install process the stick stopped booting. Subsequent attempts at making a new Unibeast installer all failed but will boot on other systems.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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