Clover Linux Auto-boot

I remember seeing a guide on here or on InsanelyMac about getting a custom entry (linux) to auto-boot in Clover. I followed it, and got it working by setting DefaultVolume to 25D1523C-2B7C-4B60-A0A1-CFF74D9806E6. I recently tried (and failed) to update to 5xxx using the .pkg, and ended up reformatting the ESP a couple of times. I copied the files back, so everything boots normally, but I've lost the auto-boot functionality.

My problem is this: I simply can't find the thread, despite quote-searching google and relevant forums. I remember that the guide to do this was 7-8 steps, and the OP kept joking to how difficult it was to follow and what a niche case he had. I think you had to somehow get clover's internal (GU?)ID for the custom entry and put it in the DefaultVolume. Does anyone remember such a thread? Thanks.

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