Hackintosh Help --Video Issues

So I've an HP EliteBook 2560P laptop. It's Series 6 (Sandy Bridge) with HD3000 graphics. I've got it up and running on Catalina 10.15.7. I'm in the process of transitioning away from all Clover injection atm. Where I'm at is that I had fully working video... until I started chasing down the other items: no native WiFi, no trackpad (keyboard works), and no audio...

Fixed trackpad, and audio issues, but broke full res video (I'm faking out a projector right now by using a fake-id in Clover, 0x0126). It works, it boots, but it's like looking at the world through bleary, red-rimmed hungover eyes.

Yeah, I know non-metal cards aren't supported after High Sierra, but I've never lacked for QE/CI (there are patches from Chris1111 & dosdude1's). So that parts taken care of.

It does work when I don't monkey it up. Looking for some advice here. How do WhateverGreen/Lilu "patching" work. Are they DSDT/SSDT dependent, do they use boot arguments?

Basically, how do I get them to properly initialize my hardware?


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