Don't know where to start and is it really worth it?

I've never built a PC, but I really want my first project to be one that I know that I will use. I have a MacBook and I like how it connects with all my other devices. I wanted to buy a Mac, looked at the prices, and was disappointed in how expensive these things are considering that some people have been able to build their own at a fraction of the price. I've seen a couple of videos and there is conflicting information in a lot of them like what they each say is *essential*. I really hope someone can guide me in the right direction on where to start? Like what motherboards do you all recommend? Are some CPU's better to work with than others for a hackintosh? What covers are the best to work with? What online resources are the best to follow to download the MacOS? If someone has built their own hackintosh, do you think it's worth doing it? Thanks in advance!

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