Clean install of Big Sur leads to BCM94360CS2 bluetooth being very laggy only right after booting up

As title, anyone else with this? Im using an Apple Airport card and everything works just like it did in Catalina. Except for the bluetooth. I tried resetting the module and re-pair my mouse and keyboard. Cleared nvram for good measure too.

When it's done booting and on the login screen the mouse and keyboard are very laggy for about 30 seconds. Then everything is fine and remains fine even when the machine does a sleep/wake cycle. It only happens when booting up.

I had no such issues in Catalina and I did read about Big Sur having bluetooth issues on real Macs too. So I'm not sure if this is due to me or Big Sur. Everything else works perfectly fine as it did in Catalina. I'm somewhat leaning towards a Big Sur bug.

I'm not using any kexts for the module. Booting my Catalina backup results in no lag at all. Big Sur is up to date. Maybe I should try the beta?

Any tips or pointers are welcome.

Edit: Upgrading Catalina to Big Sur also leads to the ~30 seconds of lag.

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