Accidentally installed clover to old hack SSD now cant get in

Hey guysSuper rookie mistake here and cant seem to find anything about what to do in this scenario anywhere..

Whilst prepping my usb installer for a fresh install on a new SSD i accidentally installed clover (5129) to my current Hackintosh’s SSD which was on an older Clover, around 2652 i think (basically I clicked install but forgot to change souce folder to the usb...)

On boot i get the clover bootloader screen and option of Legacy 1 or 2 boot options (but when i choose either i just get black screen with white flashing line) Before clicking install on the clover options I had set it up the same as i did on my previous install years ago

Its been years since I did my build and safe to say i am rusty, so not sure how to approach this mistake :/

Is it possible to bypass this and get into macOS so i can finish the USB installer or have I wiped my old working clover?

thankyou for any help

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