which GPU for a mid range hackintosh


i am building a hackintosh with the following components, but unsure which graphics card to use:

Ryzen 3600 CPU

MSI X470 Gaming plus max motherboard

fractal design meshify c case

Ballistix BL2K16G36 3600Mhz DDR4 memory 32gb

Sabrent SSD NVME 1TB

Corsair CX550M PSU

Unfortunately its a bad time to buy graphic cards right now, i found a RX 5500 XT for 250€, but i read that they consume ~200W on average. As i am building a workstation for coding and the some 3d graphics work, maybe the odd gaming. I don't really need a high end graphics card...

Can you recommend any other graphic card which works well with hackintosh and its a bit less power hungry? I was looking at the rx 560 but i think it even uses more power...



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