can I re-format the EFI partition on OpenCore boot drive?

some very strange thing bothered me for quite a while and I got to ask.

The EFI partition of my OpenCore boot drive, the free space is getting smaller and smaller after several times of EFI copy / delete during my Hackintosh OpenCore rebuilt.

I had encountered that on my Gigabyte Z390 Hackintosh build, and now my Thinkpad X390 also experienced the same behaviour.

The 250MB EFI partition has only the 35MB EFI folder, but the free space has been shrunken to just 4.8MB now.

Yes I have cleaned up all the files in Trash Bin, and stopped the .Spotlight indexing. However I found no way to reclaim the lost free space.

So my question is, besides repartition the whole boot drive and re-install Big Sur then restore the drive by Time Machine backup, is there a way to format the EFI partition, then copy the EFI folder in use to reclaim the lost space?

Apologise if I asked a foolish question.

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