Success: Big Sur 11.1 2 x non indentical AMD Card

Success: Big Sur 11.1 2 x non indentical AMD Card

I tried for fun today to boot my hackintosh with 2 non identical video cards. I honestly did not expected it to work. To my great surprise it did with full acceleration QECI on both! I have one monitor attached to each video card.

Here is my relevant setup (no need for anything special on my end it did work OOB)

OS: Big Sur 11.1

SMBIOS: Mac Pro 7.1 (2019)

Video Card #1 (pluged to 16x port but as it is splitted works as 8x thats normal)

AMD RX Vega64 (reference AMD card) - 8GB HBM2

Connected to RCA 43 inche 4K TV (main monitor)

Video Card #2 (plugged to the 8x slot on the motherboard works at 8x)

AMD RX 560 (powerdragon) - 4GB DDR5

Connected to 2K Acer 32 inche monitor via HDMI (I broke my DP on the monitor somehow in the past so no choice)

I thought it was an interesting experiement to try. So it is possible to do it :) Will continue testing and see if I get any performance increase. So far my Vega64 seems faster (even at 8x) with only 1 4k monitor plugged in.

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