OpenCore Catalina - ThinkPad X390 Yoga

OpenCore Catalina - ThinkPad X390 Yoga

CPU: i7-8565U

GPU: Intel UHD 620

RAM: 16gb

Laptop Model: Lenovo ThinkPad X390 Yoga

Screen Resolution: 1920x1080

Audio Codec: ALC257

WiFi/BT Card: Intel Wireless-AC 9560

Long time lurker, first time poster. I followed Dortania's OpenCore Guide and Post Install Guide pretty much to the letter, save for a few things for my specific machine. This also could not have been possible without u/Chitpixel. They posted an awesome explanation of how they got their build to work, crucially the device-id screenshot to get HDMI and the iGPU working. Luckily it seems they and I have the same ideas when it comes to upgrading laptops, and we basically had the exact same model of machine. I happened to have an extra ssd lying around so I have Catalina on one and Windows on another. I use Catalina as my basic daily driver, but sometimes when things just stop working and I don't have time to fix them at that moment, I have to throw in the Windows SSD. I'm a full time college student so I keep the Windows SSD, a screwdriver, and a 100% known working OpenCore USB with valid EFI near me at all times.

WiFi and Bluetooth both work thanks to Airportitlwm and IntelBluetoothFirmware kexts. I tried to get itlwm to work, but absolutely couldn't for the life of me. iMessage, FaceTime, and Find My all work as well.

Airdrop doesn't work, but hey if that's the only thing that isn't working, I'm fine with that.

HDMI works with above mentioned awesome explanation, thanks again u/Chitpixel !!

Sound works with AppleALC

Trackpad and keyboard work with VoodooPS2Controller

Sleep, battery, and webcam all worked automatically for me

This was a first time build for me, so I'll try to help where I can if anyone has questions, but a lot of it seemed like sheer luck and amazing documentation (can't say it enough, thank you u/Chitpixel!!!!). This was also built on OpenCore 0.6.4. I have yet to look at 0.6.5, but see myself upgrading here soon just to keep everything neat and current, let's hope it doesn't break then :)

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