VGA port support on Mojave

My old mobo dead, it has HDMI and VGA port, which is great. Now i have Gigabyte H110M S2 and it only have 1 VGA port and no HDMI. I finish install my pc with mojave, and now i have error "IOConsoleUser......" and my screen turn off but my pc still running. I use whatevergreen and lilu kext, i patch it correctly, since it's same systend different mobo. If i have get that errror on my old mobo, i just change my VGA cable with HDMI cable, but now i don;t gave HDMI output. So how can i use VGA port on my mac without buying cheap GPU like GT 710 / replace my mobo again ?

My spec : i5-6500, intel hd 530, 8GB ram.

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