My iPhone 7+ is totally Pwned. Hacked / compromised / totally ownage.

7+ 14.3

Every time Apple support tells me the same thing: to do a total wipe and restore. Apple calls them “bugs”. THEY ARE ANOMALIES THAT OCCURE BECAUSE MY PHONE IS TOTALLY PWNED APPLE.

I get notifications to confirm my Apple passcode but it doesn’t tell me what for. It’s already been entered and enacted. It asks me for my password an inappropriate amount of times as well.

The App Store is not alerting me when updates are available sometimes I have to goto the app in the App Store, click on developer and then it tells me an update is needed. Holy exploitation Batman.

It’s something on the firmware/ROM or something. Possibly the SIM card. It wants me to verify my numeric passcode and my Apple ID password too many times and the screen goes all yellow and wavy when I am to enter it in.

Also my hotspot cell data shows multiple devices sucking up data but not connected to my actual hotspot.

I get bug reports showing RTbuddyV2, Apple Samsung SPI controller. What is that stuff?

Also bug reports showing wake ups being spawned in the Background of some apps like TikToks/ sound cloud / Reddit / Facebook which can give people total access to your phone if done correctly.

I want a free upgrade. At an Apple store outside Denver they knew something was wrong before I even spoke to them. They kicked me out of the Apple store for asking If we could look at the SIM card or the firmware/ ROM. They wanted me out before my Phone 100% rebooted so I would have no point of reference/help.

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