macOS 10.14.6 on GB-BXi5-4570R| 8GB RAM

A fun build nontheless, to replace my previous hack.

0.8L is really small, even smaller(and cheaper) than a real mac mini. I got the base model(+4G RAM+Wifi card) for just $95, spent $15 on another 4GB ram and used an SSD lying around.

About this Mac:

This model was confirmed to be working since 2014. Mojave plays nicely with Clover so I don't have to tinker around on newer macOS. OC+Big Sur is confirmed to be working according to a user on tonymacx86.

Core specs:

  • Base model:GB-BXi5-4570R

  • RAM:DDR3L-1600 4GB*2(1.5V works but warning message pops up at every POST)

  • SSD:Micron 5100 256GB

  • Audio Codec:ALC269

  • Ethernet:RTL8111G

  • Wifi/BT Card:None

  • BIOS revision:F7

Which of the guides on the sidebar you used:

Just to confirm if the hardware can boot into Mojave, I started with a carbon copied disk from my previous vanilla hack.

Modified the config.plist and kept the essential kexts: viola the thing booted fine just with some slowdowns and beach balls(the power of vanilla install)

Problem during installation:

Later, I created a new USB install drive with clover installed and that’s where the nightmare began.

  1. USB isn’t recognized during installation, hence “HID Legacy shim 2+waiting for root device+garbled text+prohibited sign” error.

  2. I accidentally deleted my SMC emulator kext when I was tidying up my EFI folder for debugging.(duh)

The USB problem was a PITA for most users without detailed documentation on their mobo. I started over my config.plist numerous times, remade the install drive twice, scratched my head for hours and finally nailed the problem: You’re supposed to use USB2 for this as USB3 wasn’t recognized at this stage(you need a properly mapped custom kext/SSDT). The machine only had USB3 and an accurate DSDT isn’t available so I was SOL.

Fortunately, the solution is rather simple and quite scary: Reinsert the USB drive when you saw the prohibited sign after "HID Legacy shim 2". (yes, this actually made the text scroll again)

I also changed XHCI setting from Auto to Smart Auto, not sure if this does have an effect but reinserting the USB drive definitely works.

Second one can cause numerous troubles, you probably won’t run into this with a properly configured kext collection. Problems can include but not limited to “Already started returned from AptioMemoryFix.efi” and "End RandomSeed +++++++".

As the vanilla guide said:

“VirtualSMC.kext is a requirement …... Without it, no Hackintosh :(“

After that, it's an ordinary macOS installation experience.

The ethernet didn’t work at first, I tried some easier fixes(not the ones with “use these random kexts”) also confirmed it was en0 and built in. But the culprit was actually the kext, the newest RealtekRTL8111.kext from 2020 doesn’t play nice with my machine so I rolled back to 2018 release. I didn’t want to play around with this so I just swapped the kext and called it a day.

What's working, and what isn't working:

Everything for web browsing except services that use WiFi/BT. I don’t plan on getting a compatible Wifi card as wired ethernet is enough for me, maybe I’ll get a BCM94322 but that’s it, other compatible cards are too expensive.

iGPU hardware encoding is working according to Videoproc.(up to H.264 4K high@5.1)

iCloud works fine as I fixed it from config.plist before installing macOS.

Native power management without custom DSDT is supported but just to be safe I still generated one from Piker Alpha's ssdtPRGen script, sleep still doesn't work as usual.

A custom USB map should be done post-install to avoid the above mentioned USB problem in the future.

Not sure if mDP works, I don’t have an mDP adapter.

Few things that the model required:

CFG Lock should be disabled from BIOS.(Thanks Gigabyte.)

System ID is iMac14,1 for Iris Pro based Haswell desktop with -R series CPU.

Use 0300220D(already hex swepped) for your AAPL,ig-platform-id in Clover configurator(Iris Pro 5200 on iMac14,1).

HDMI audio works fine, but 3.5mm audio didn’t: Use layer 66 for ALC269, this fixes 3.5mm audio. Not sure why layout 1 suggested by most guides didn’t work, I happened to find this specific layer on a Chinese hackintosh forum with one shot success.


You can disable Turbo from BIOS to reduce the temperature of the CPU, worth it(Haswell with 128MB L4 and Iris Pro is very strong, no worries.). Taking off the rear IO plate to increase airflow is also a good choice.


Very impressed with the performance, very snappy. Quite surprised that the performance is night and day compared to i5 4278U+8GB RAM on Mac mini 2014.

Having a real Mac or a Hackintosh before you start is always easier. Debugging is no fun and you can feel the pain everytime you restart your machine just to face the same error again: But you gain a lot of experience after you have solved the issue.

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