I think I'm missing bootloader details

Hey all,

I'm sorry for not posting the entire spread of my system in my first post, but it's not relevant to what I'm having trouble with. At the moment I've followed this guide -- https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/ -- and am at the point of attempting to boot to my usb drive to attempt to start the install. I have used the bios to set the boot drive to not one, but two different usb drives, both of which do not boot and it just fails back to windows. I just recently disabled to securestart setting in the bios and all it does is throw an OCS error when one or both of the USB drives are installed, the windows volume boots normally.

So I'm quite certain I've screwed up the EFI setting somehow but I have followed the guide line for line so I would really appreciate any help or suggestions that anyone could offer.

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