Can someone help me create an SSDT file?


I'm a newbie and I need help fixing an issue.

I can't boot my system with my own DSDT file. (Original one gives 2 errors and somebody from here cleaned that DSDT file but still I cannot boot with that file as well.)

All I need is to fix my keyboard backlighting and fn keys probably. I've used a similar computer's fn key fixes and it's kind of working but I may need a clean one. Since that one doesn't include a keyboard backlight fix I cannot test those buttons.

Let's assume that I didn't use that file and I'll be in need of fn f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 and f9 fixes on top of backlight fix.

I could attach that SSDT file if necessary.

The notebook is an Asus N550JV. Haswell kbl patch should work.

PS. If you have a nice video that explains how to edit and fix errors in DSDT then create an SSDT off of that, be great. I suck at reading I think since I struggle this much.

Thanks in advance.

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