Acer Aspire TC Desktop Opencore Hackintosh

Acer Aspire TC Desktop Opencore Hackintosh

CPU: Intel i5 10400GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630RAM: 12GBWifi/BT Card: AX200

So I have my first Hackintosh pretty much complete.

Opencore guide was really good overall. Really do have to read it several times! My biggest issue during install was that it kept getting stuck. I played around with my installer and efi folder and config.plist a bunch but almost gave up. Then finally found that some people needed to use a USB 2 port for the install. That didn't help either, but, plugging in a usb hub into the usb 2.0 port then putting my installer usb in there did the trick. Once i started doing the USB mapping I realized what was causing the issue. The device noted in USBInjectAll and XHCI Unsupported had an A2AF in when I need it be A3AF, I saw this tip in another reddit post which was very helpful.

Several apps like Photos and Safari were crashing, this was fixed with the WhateverGreens framebuffer patching.

Had the pink/purple screen at first but was an easy fix with the OC guide.

Some questions:

I have a dual boot system with MacOS on an SSD and Windows on an NVME ssd. I just go into the BIOS menu to choose which to boot to. Can I mess up one of my installs this way and should i set up the bootstrap thing?

I went through the whole power management guide but mine was already set up as the guide suggested so I didn't actually install the kext. Am I missing something? Should I?

What does resetting NVRAM do? Should I ever do it?

Sometimes when I plug or unplug usbs on the front of my computer the screens go black for a second. Is there a fix for this?

My second monitor is 27" but it shows up as 21". Is that an issue?

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