Sleepissue on Optiplex 9020 with dGPU

Sleepissue on Optiplex 9020 with dGPU

Hi there

I have an Optiplex 9020MT with a Sapphire Nitro RX470 and it works great. Everything works. Everything except waking up from sleep.

After waking up, the resolution seems to be at 640x480 and the Desktop is cropped out in the middle. And everything flickers constantly. Waking up generally seems to work, as I can restart normal from the menu. I have the same issue under Catalina and Big Sur and with two different cards (the rx470 and an MSI RX570)

The Hackintosh runs under Opencore 0.6.4 and I pretty much followed the guide from zearp (

Any ideas? I have no clue in which direction I have to look. Is it an issue with the current OpenCore build? Maybe something from the frame buffer tweaks at the beginning of the guide? Or simply an option in the config.plist that I don't completely understand?

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