Ivy Bridge for running Mavericks - bradybear / Gigabyte-GA-Z77X-DSDT-Patch (Clover) vs Vanilla OpenCore 0.6.3

I'd like to use my ivy Bridge system, that was previously using Clover, to boot Mavericks (for legacy plugins support). Something happened to the bootloader I made in 2014 so I decided to re-do the installation.

Would it make sense to use a pre built DSDT here: https://github.com/bradybear/Gigabyte-GA-Z77X-DSDT-Patch

Or is there a chance the kexts could be shady?

I'm considering the pre-patched DSDT because I'm not having much luck navigating the dortania ACPI guide. I find the structure of the guide very convoluted. But I can deal with it if the pre-patched bradybear patch sounds too good to be true.

If bradybear is OK I don't mind the longer clover boot times, but do care about geekbench scores using either bootloader.

Thanks for any advancements.

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