Using one monitor on iGPU and one monitor on dGPU


I have a RX 5700 XT GPU and I’m experiencing the 1 750 Hz stuck memory clock issue with it: I have a 1080p monitor and a 4k one, when both are plugged into the dGPU, the VRAM frequency is stuck at maximum and won’t throttle down at idle. This is a known issue when you have multiple monitors of different kinds (different resolutions, refresh rates, color depths…).

Anyway, I can counter the problem by having my main 4k monitor on the dGPU and my secondary one on the iGPU, it works great on Windows, but on macOS 10.15.3 (OpenCore 0.5.6), the secondary monitor plugged on the iGPU through HDMI just stays black, it says no signal, even though my system seems to be properly configured (as per the OpenCore guide) to use the iGPU for some macOS tasks as it should do (and it’s enabled in BIOS since it works in Windows).

Is there any way I can enable the iGPU output on macOS? Maybe I’ve missed something in the config? I cannot find a lot of informations about this online.

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