Opencore 0.6.1 Stuck at EXITBS:START error


  • Z390 Aorus Elite (F10C BIOS)
  • 9900K
  • 1080Ti technically plugged in but not being used for output, only HDMI connected to motherboard (iGPU)
  • Opencore 0.6.1, Catalina

Hello r/Hackintosh, I'm trying Opencore for the first time after having a nice experience with Clover initially, however I'm running into issues. I have been using the Dortania guide. Upon booting into Opencore on my USB drive, I select Install Catalina and then the verbose output starts running which seemingly goes well until it eventually freezes and stops updating, sometimes it doesn't even finish the line it is printing out and it will be different every time.

When checking the log I can see that it finishes at 23:343 00:021 AAPL: [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] 2020-09-08T07:08:26, but I never actually get to see that line on the on-screen verbose output.

I checked the General Troubleshooting section of the Dortania Guide but disabling RebuildAppleMemoryMap and SyncRuntimePermissions/enabling EnableWriteUnprotector doesn't help, but not that I expected it to since my logs contain MAT support is 1. Does anyone have any idea on what could be the issue?



EFI contents:

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